The Founder

A single treadle press and a strong vision of one man. The journey of Brilliant Printers began with Mr. Anthony Victor Rego – the founder, fondly known as A.V. Rego. A poverty-stricken childhood drove the young Rego from his hometown in Mangalore to the Garden City - Bangalore. Bangalore and its gardens were least enticing to AVR, who had to take refuge on the footpath.

Facing hardships single-handedly, AVR started Brilliant Printers in 1970. The press was located in the busy marketplace of Bangalore – Chickpet. It consisted of a single, manual treadle press and AVR was the only employee. From those moments of hardship, step-by-step, Mr. Rego built a printing press, with his trust in the Lord Almighty.

His hard work, dedication, belief, passion for business and his vision gave him the strength to bring Brilliant Printers to where it stands today.

In his own words, “Hardship lifted me up in life, showed me a challenging path and let me fight and win”.

Today, Brilliant Printers runs on the shoulders of a dedicated workforce of around 500, employed on a 153,000 sq.ft floor area and services clients, all over the world.