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Management Team
People who instill trust and confidence –the faces behind Brilliant Printers
Harvesting their business acumen and technical know-how, the Board of Directors comprising of the Rego brothers – Peter, Paul and Thomas drive the family’s business to deliver world-class printing solutions and creating products par excellence that are cherished by customers all over the world. Leveraging on cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities, global trends and market demands, they propel their strengths into new opportunities. The Board of Directors are well supported by a highly efficient management team who instill a sense of value in all our customers by prompt services, superior quality solutions, good turnaround time and innovative use of technology, a committed team and an effective approach.
Peter Anil Rego
Peter Anil Rego, Managing Director is a mechanical engineer from Bangalore University. Playing a key role in the management of the company, his immense knowledge and experience in trade and businesses is instrumental in the numerous successful business ventures of Brilliant Printers.
He is responsible for the company’s market reach and public relations. He drives and builds new markets, develops and designs innovative and tangible strategies and supervises the company’s client services. His undaunted commitment to values, firm belief in the business and faith in quality products translates into the core philosophy of Brilliant Printers. His strong vision and direction is the very reason that the organization today stands tall with state-of-the-art printing, logistics and warehousing facilities.
Paul Sunil Rego
Paul Sunil Rego, graduated with a degree in printing technology from Bangalore University. He believes that commitment to quality is the heart of a company’s success. He is responsible for administration and finances at Brilliant Printers. He also shoulders a chunk of human resource management. The man behind the day-to-day activities of Brilliant Printers, he has strongly influenced every endeavor from the start.
His experience pertaining to the industry and his firsthand experience drives the company’s business operations and focus. He is firmly committed to the belief that business organizations have deep social responsibility. He drives the company’s policy of employing unskilled and uneducated people from in and around the locality, thus providing livelihoods as well as empowering them. He joins his brothers in promoting the company’s lofty vision.
Thomas Manil Rego
Thomas Manil Rego, an engineering graduate specializing in graphic communication from Pune University, jointly shoulders the overall responsibility. He is responsible for technical aspects and production. His vast experience in the field of production, protocols, equipment, quality assurance, logistics and warehousing has been a huge asset to the company’s international businesses.
He takes a personal interest in equipment – selection, purchase, installation and maintenance, most of which are imported. His technical skill combined with a passion for technology is unquestionably the reason for the use of sophisticated and cutting edge technology. He develops the technical skill of the workforce and also invests significant time in development programs. He joins his brothers in driving Brilliant Printers on a success curve. He is also a print and management consultant.
Management Team – Bangalore
Naveen Prakash Rodrigues, the Head of Operations, has Joined the company and supports the Board of Directors. He handles the company’s entire operations.
Micheal D’Souza, Production Manager is regarded as the backbone of the Press. He has been with the company for more than 20 years.
Vincent Mascharenhas, Maintenance and Technical manager has served at the Press for more than two decades. A proactive person with a strong focus and commitment, he is a huge advantage to the company.
Management Team – Mangalore
Krishna Chandra, Manager is responsible for the operations of the Design and Marketing office, in Mangalore. He joined the Brilliant Printers family more than a decade ago. He is primarily responsible for tapping the immense potential of print market in coastal region of Karnataka.
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